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Double the Nutrients, Double the yield
The Best Fish Fertilizer near you for your Precious Plants
Enhance your Green thumb with Organic Gem®
Healthier, Happier Produce with Organic Gem®
Healthier, Happier Produce
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Liquid Fertilizer

Organic Gem® The Best Organic
Liquid Fertilizer

The raw materials make Organic Gem® a wonderful organic liquid fertilizer, which is so unique and effective; it is better than any chemical fertilizers available.
It is an all-natural bio-stimulant product made from the by-product of the nutraceutical processing of cape shark.
As you may know, organic gem as a foliar fertilizer is non-toxic, so the shark skeleton is made up entirely of cartilage, comprising 30% mucopolysaccharides, and 7-8% of this ends up in Organic Gem® fish fertilizer. In addition, the unique manufacturing process of Organic Gem® produces un-denatured fish proteins.
That means, organic fertilizer is a superior feed for soil microbes, and unlike fish emulsion, it is the best fish fertilizer for plants which will work as an excellent feed for beneficial bacteria and fungi.
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Organic Phase II ™

Organic Phase II™ Fertilizer is a liquid fertilizer designed to stimulate soil microbial life, including populations of earthworms. Organic Phase II™ Fertilizer is also formulated to increase and harmonize plant energy.


Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Grow Better With Our Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Organic Gem® is an all-natural bio-stimulant fertilizer, ideal for regenerative agriculture. It offers you about 20% increase in yield and may be used on any plant. It is the best organic fertilizer for preventing plant diseases and can help with pest control.
Organic Gem® meets the highest US food safety requirements. Organic Gem® is fish hydrolysate organic fertilizer is certified by OMRI, EC 834/2007, JAS, and Ghana Cocoa Board is Organic Gem.
Due to its unique processing technique and supply of raw materials, Organic Gem® stands apart from other products on the market as a foliar fertilizer.
Thus, unlike fish emulsions, Organic Gem® is a soil enhancer for soil microorganisms and will function admirably as a feed for helpful bacteria and fungus. EARG has also launched other different products like African Pod™ Cocoa Powder & Organic Phase II to help you!
If you want to enhance plant life and growth with the help of affordable and high-quality organic liquid fertilizer, then depend on Organic Gem® to get the job done right.

African Pod™

African PodTM offers a variety of natural products from Africa.


Organic Weed Control



Why Choose Our Liquid Organic Fertilizer?

When you use Organic Gem, your revenue increases due to higher yield. Organic Gem® is safe for the environment. When used, it brings nutrients to the plant, makes plant healthier, helps plant resist disease, increases root mass, reduces soil salt, prevents nutrient leaching and produces nitrogen.
Organic Gem® can be used as foliar fertilizer to support a highly large and diversified population of microbial life. This is significant because each acre of land can support up to 20,000 protozoa per gram of solid matter, which releases 400 pounds of nitrogen annually when they feed on bacteria.
Petrochemical fertilizers are unable to do this. Organic Gem is a unique organic liquid fertilizer, in a way that it revives degraded soil life and low-productive plants which have been destroyed because of excessive use of chemical fertilizers. Eco Africa Resource Group is the best organic fertilizer company & the only one that supplies organic gem fertilizer in Africa.
Our goal is to promote food and environmental safety. Our group understands how essential it is for a community to support regenerative agriculture so that soil health can improve using a soil enhancer and the plant yield that be further grown.

Organic Gem®

Organic Phase II™

African Pod™

Organic Weed Control

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