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About Us

Eco Africa Resource Group (EARG) is a natural resource company with operations in Ghana and the USA. The company was formed in 2014 to advocate and promote the use of environmentally safe processes in producing food and renewable energy in Africa.

What is Organic Gem®?

Organic Gem® is different from anything else on the market due to the raw material source and a unique processing method. Organic Gem® is an all-natural bio stimulant product made from the by-product of nutraceutical processing of cape shark. The shark skeleton, made up entirely of cartilage, is 30% mucopolysaccharides, 7- 8% of which ends up in Organic Gem®. The unique manufacturing process of Organic Gem® produces un-denatured fish proteins. This means that Organic Gem® is a SUPERIOR feed for soil microbes, and unlike fish emulsions, it will work as an excellent feed for beneficial bacteria and fungi.

Organic Gem® fertilizer is processed from fresh fish under H.A.C.C.P. protocol in an FDA, and USDA inspected facility, resulting in the purest liquid, high-quality fish product.